We believe
in the
Greater good.
We enable you to grow your wealth
and allocate your capital to causes
that matter to you.
From food banks
, to hospitals,
to animal shelters, to schools, to
causes, anywhere
in the world!
You are empowered to spark the
change you want to see!
No matter where you are in
the world, you can make
donations that cross borders,
oceans, and beyond.
With NFT Tax
And the strongest incentives
system for giving in the world to
That is our promise.
We are at the forefront of
innovation and always working to
create new incentives for giving.
Coming soon
NFT Tax Receipts
Donating with us brings
more benefits than
traditional giving. Optimize
your taxes with our tax
Incentive (01)
Charity Mining
Created exclusively by us,
$QUARTZ is the token that
rewards those who give by
giving them an active role in
the community, among
other benefits.
Incentive (02)
Money Lottery
Each dollar donated will
entitle you to lottery tickets
powered by PoolTogether.
Incentive (03)
NFT Art Raffle
You enter in a quarterly NFT
Art Raffle with each dollar
you donate. This gives you
the chance to win a valuable
piece of art.
Incentive (04)
More than Donating
We are always iterating
on more ways to make
donating more rewarding,
so here your donations
always pay off.
Incentive (05)
Because you care, and so do we.
Not for
… and many more!
Grow your Wealth responsibly
Save, give, invest, and spend.
Create your portfolio, we manage the rest.