Sandclock - Quartz
Meet $Quartz
A governance token
with super powers.
Sandclock - Quartz


Our vaults will be used to bootstrap a captive
insurance fund. Staking $Quartz will enable
you to benefit from this insurance fund
proportionately to your share of the fund.
Sandclock - Quartz

Sponsored Yield

A portion of the fees generated by our vaults
are periodically redeposited to the protocol.
The yield generated from these fees is then
distributed to all depositors proportionately.
In the future, only $QUARTZ stakers will
benefit from this boost, again, corresponding
to your share of the stake. Read more about
our Tokenomics and token distribution here.
Charity Mining
With every donation you make, you
are temporarily allocated our
governance token $Quartz. While
you don’t get the rights to trade
$Quartz, you do have access to
governance, insurance, and
sponsored yield. You can use your
$Quartz to participate within the
Sandclock community
and much more.


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